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You can find Amtrak train stations in almost all cities in the United States. Beyond some cities in Canada, as well.

The major Amtrak train stations are:

All Amtrak stations offer conveniences to guarantee that you have an excellent trip.

There are restrooms, parking, enclosed waiting area, lounge, and more in each terminal.

Besides these, you can find AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi and some areas with accessibility.

Discover an Amtrak Train Station near to you.


Amtrak trains offer trips to more than 500 places, using a rails route system with over 21.000 miles.

To cover all these train stations and stops, Amtrak has over than 30 train routes reaching the US and Canada.

Each region has it own Amtrak train routes.

In the Midwest, you can find 13 Amtrak routes traveling for many states in this area.

In the Northeast region, Amtrak has 17 train routes.

In the Northwest area, you can find 3 Amtrak trains routes.

In the South region, Amtrak has seven train routes cover this area.

In the West region, Amtrak also has seven train routes.

You can find Wi-Fi available at least in 27 Amtrak routes.

More information about all of Amtrak Train Routes


Amtrak map is a useful tool.

It helps you find where Amtrak train routes are, Via Rail Train Routes and others rail services.

Besides, you can see where are available Thruway connections services and other types of association.

Amtrak Route Map

Amtrak - Rating & Reviews

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3 of 5 Stars / 8 Reviews




California Zephyr in May . A wonderful trip from San Francisco to Chicago. Last year we went on the south west chief Los Angeles to Chicago. We are from Australia so we didn't know what to expect last year. Enjoyed it so much we went back this year to the California Zephyr. The service and friendly staff, the meals were good. Everything was enjoyable. We met some one different at each meal.. Everyone should try it once. It was wonderful passing through the USA to see the scenery. Thank you Amtrak.




California Zephyr in May . A wonderful trip from San Francisco to Chicago. Last year we went on the south west chief Los Angeles to Chicago. We are from Australia so we didn't know what to expect last year. Enjoyed it so much we went back this year to the California Zephyr. The service and friendly staff, the meals were good. Everything was enjoyable. We met some one different at each meal.. Everyone should try it once. It was wonderful passing through the USA to see the scenery. Thank you Amtrak.




Relaxing, beautiful site seening comfortable, lots of Leg room i just love traveling with amtrack




My trip was fine, when you don't expect much, you are rarely disappointed. The train ran late but I wasn't in a rush so it was easy to let that go. The train itself was clean enough to be comfortable & the staff did their job. All in all I am a pretty easy going person and this was my first experience on an Amtrak train and it was fine.




We are 67 & 74 yrs old. Signs are posted saying seniors can have help boarding. I asked about boarding assistance at the Amtrack information desk & she knew nothing about it. I asked the staff member near the boarding gate & he didn't know about it either! Either remove the sign or educate the employees! Almost trampled trying to board ! Not pleasant!




I took Amtrak to New York City for the first time I loved it! I plan on going Amtrak again.




I think I was overcharged for my ticket from Northampton Ma to Penn Station NY How do I straighten this out




Only bad thing is alwayd runs 45 min to hr late

Amtrak Contact


How to buy Amtrak Tickets?

There are seven differents ways to buy a train ticket.

You can buy using online and offline channels.

All of them are fast and easy.

The most traditional way to buy a Ticket is going to Amtrak Station.

Let's check one by one of them below.

Buying an Amtrak Ticket Online

You can buy an Amtrak ticket any time at

The website accepts payments by valid credit cards.

Like American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Universal Air Travel Plan.

Buying an Amtrak Ticket for Mobile (App)

You download the Amtrak mobile app on your smartphone and looking for your train travel.

The app is available on AppStore, GooglePlay, and Amazon AppStore.

Ticket at the Station by Amstral Staff Agents

Each Amtrak Station has a team who helps and selling train tickets for passengers.

Any Amtrak staffed stations accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards.

Amtrak does not accept traveler's cheques or money orders.

Ticket agents accept only valid and signed cards.

The signature on the back of the card must match the name on the ticket or charge form.

Credit and debit cards are accepted only for the amount of the sale.

It is necessary identification when you are using a credit or debit card.

Buying on Amtrak Phone

To get information and buy a train ticket over the phone by calling 1-800-872-7245.

You can get tickets information and purchase tickets 24 hours a day.

For TTY service, please call 1-800-523-6590.

Amtrak Travel Agent

There are many qualified travel agents across the US selling Amtrak Ticket.

If you prefer this option, you should look for the nearest travel agent around the area.

Amtrak Quik-Trak Kiosk

Quik-Trak is a quick self-service option to print the train ticket before your trip.

If you have booked and paid for your tickets online, you can pick up and print out your train tickets from a kiosk.

It is available for all passengers who paid their tickets at Amtrak's website.

To print your ticket, you must use the credit card in the kiosk and put your reservation number.

It's also available to make new reservations direct at the kiosk.

You may find Quik-Trak kiosks in most Amtrak stations.

Onboard Amtrak Train

Purchase a ticket onboard is possible in most of Amtrak travels.

But only full fare are available.

Usually, passengers find higher fares when they've bought it onboard.

In most circumstances, you should buy a ticket before you board a train.


Where can I find Amtrak Schedules?

TrainBuster is a modern tool that helps you to find the best Amtrak schedules for your next trip.

Besides the Amtrak train schedules, you can find Amtrak fare, stations, and routes.

So, if you are looking for more details about Amtrak train ticket, TrainBuster is the right place.


How Much are Amtrak Train Tickets?

Amtrak has a variety of prices on the same trip, which depends on some factors as:

  • What distance is the trip?
  • Which kind of train are you traveling?
  • Which kind of fare do you choose?
  • Travel Distance
  • How far the travel distance is, more expensive will be the train ticket fare.
  • Kinds of Amtrak's Trains
  • Amtrak offers three types of seating accommodations that change directly on ticket fares.
  • The three categories are coach class, business class, and first class.
  • The last one is exclusive on Acela Express Trains
Types of Amtrak Fares

Amtrak offers three fare options for their passengers.

Amtrak Saver Fares

This fare is the cheapest available at Amtrak.

Despite the economy, saver fares are non-refundable but can be rescheduled.

Amtrak Value Fares

A little more expensive than the previous option above.

Value fares offer many refund options.

The train ticket can be fully refundable.

To get your refund, you must request the cancellation up to 48 hours before the departure time.

In the case of canceled less than 48 hours prior the departure time, the passenger must include a 20% refund fee.

Amtrak Flexible Fares

This ticket fare option is completely refundable and doesn't apply any refund fee.

Besides that, the flexible fare can be rescheduled without charge too.

This type of fare is accessible on most trains and buses. And the number of seats available on each service is limited.


How to Get a Cheap Amtrak Tickets?

You can get the cheap Amtrak ticket when you buy the saver fare.

How to Get a Discount on Amtrak?

Travelers can get a discount on Amtrak Ticket if they fit in one of the groups below:


Passenger below 62 years old receives 15% OFF in his Amtrak train ticket


Child up to 12 years old takes 50% OFF the standard adult fare.

AAA Members - American Automobile Association

All AAA members can get 10% OFF.


Students between 13 to 25 years old may receive 15% OFF on Flexible and Value fares.


Every military and their families can get 10% OFF.

Person with disabilities

Disability person can travel with someone, and both can get 15% OFF on their tickets.

NARP Member - National Associations of Railroad Passengers

NARP members can save 10% OFF in their train tickets.

Veterans Advantage

U.S. Veterans can receive 15% OFF on Amtrak train ticket. But they must have the Veterans Advantage card.


Does Amtrak Have Wifi?

Amtrak has Wifi available on some trains and stations across the US.


Does Amtrak Allow Pets?

Amtrak allows little cats and dogs in their trains if these pets have weight up to 20 pounds.

The Amtrak pet fare is U$ 25.00 for each travel.

To make a reservation to your pet, call 1-800-USA-RAIL or visit a staffed station.


Does Amtrak Have Food?

Amtrak trains have food, but the options of meals are related to the kind of travel.

Short-distance trains the food service is available in the Cafe Car.

Medium-distance trains offer food service in the Lounge Car.

In both cases, Amtrak selling carry-out style foods;

Like pizza, snack, sandwiches, and beverages, like liquor, wine, and beer.

Long-distance trains include a full-service dining car.

This type of train serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared on board.

Does Amtrak Serve Alcohol?

Yes, Amtrak serves alcohol beverage.

There are available for sale as liquor, wine, and beer.

Does Amtrak Have a Smoking Car?

No, Amtrak doesn't have a smoking car.

Smoking is not allowed in Amtrak Train.

Including electronic smoking device, as electronic cigarettes.

Does Amtrak Have Beds?

Beds or sleeping accommodations are available in long-distances routes.

Amtrak offers two options of sleeping accommodations, as a Superliner and Viewliner.

Both of them has bedrooms and private and public bathrooms and showers.


How much luggage is allowed on Amtrak?

Travelers are allowed to bring up to two personal baggage.

In a case of the traveler who carries only one item, the size must be 12 kilograms or 25 pounds and 14 x 11 x 7 inches for each one.

Everyone who carries on two items, the baggage size of them must be 23 kilograms or 50 pounds and 28 x 22 x 14 inches each one.

How much is excess baggage fee on Amtrak?

The excess baggage fee is U$ 20.00 per item above the quantity and size limits.

All charges will be received at the train station, before the boarding time.

Does Amtrak Check Baggage?

Most of Amtrak trains and stations checks luggage.

Before you take a trip, check if your train and stations accept check baggage.

It's important has checked baggage at least 45 minutes prior your train departure.


How to Cancel an Amtrak Ticket?

If your ticket was bought online on Amtrak's site, you must log into your account.

Inside the Amtrak's site, there is an area to cancel a trip.

If the train ticket was bought in other channels, you could do it on Amtrak's website too.

How to Change an Amtrak Ticket?

Amtrak has a simple process to make a change on a reservation.

If the train ticket was booked online at, passengers could change online.

If you are logged into website, you can start the changing process through the site.

Everyone who made a reservation as a visitor on Amtrak site should give details to make any changes.

These details are ticket number, phone number, and e-mail address.

After reporting this data, the changing can be done at


Does Amtrak Refund Tickets?

Yes, Amtrak refunds tickets.

How to Refund an Amtrak Ticket?

Refunds will be determined for the total fare paid for each journey.

Check each possibility of refunds.

Acela Express First Class and Acela Business Class

When canceled prior the departure time, the ticket is fully refundable without a fee.

In a case of the cancellation after the departure time, the ticket is refundable less a 20% refund fee.

Acela Express Business Class

Refund rules have variations according to the fare paid.

Value Fares

This type of fare is refundable up to 48 hours before the departure time.

Plus a 20% fee if refunded less than 48 hours.

Flexible Fares

This fare is entirely refundable and doesn't have any fee.

Sleeping Accommodations

In this case, it is important to request the cancellation 15 or more days before the departure date.

If the cancellation is requested 14 days fewer the travel time, the ticket is no refundable.

But the value paid can be applied to an eVoucher that can be used for future trips.