New York Niagara Falls

Train Schedule New York to Niagara Falls

Leaves at 6:40 AM in 9/23/2018 with Amtrak

9h 18m
Train Service
6:40 AM
New York, NY - Grand Central Terminal (NYG)
3:58 PM
Niagara Falls, NY (NFL)
Fare Type

Amtrak reviews and rating

3.5 stars from 185 reviews

Train Punctuality
Train Driver
Train Cleanliness
Train Comfort
Staff Behaviour
Harold Miller mayor
Sucks there is no train station in Vacaville California, there is no gray house station in Vacaville California, there is no mega bus in Vacaville California
Tiffany Watkins
To long and misdirected
Patricia Vogt
Lst leg never saw steward, no response to call button. Roommette too difficult for seniors to handle. Very uncomfortable. 3rd leg duct tape used on cabinet doors, ceiling vent, and cabin door. No intercom service on our car so could not hear any announcements. Very uncomfortable mattresses (upgraded to bedroom). Very tight quarters. Good stewards on leg 2 and 3. Dining room staff good on all legs.
Peg Mullins
What a wonderful little event for the grand kids. The conductor was very informative. I'm ready to take a train ride to Virginia. Thanks and keep up the great job!
Teresa Chapman
Manuel Carlos Garcia JR.
Sucks balls
Amtrak contact
  • +1 215-856-7924
  • 60 Massachusetts Ave NE Washington, DC 20002-4285

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Travelling by train from New York to Niagara Falls

Amtrak train ticket details from New York to Niagara Falls departing on September 23, 2018

The following information is for Amtrak train schedule selection on September 23, 2018.

It leaves from New York, NY - Grand Central Terminal (NYG) at 6:40 AM.

The departure address is New York, NY - Grand Central Terminal (NYG).

At 3:58 PM the train arrives on Niagara Falls, NY (NFL).

The arrival address is New York, NY - Grand Central Terminal (NYG).

The train ticket price for this one is 66 US Dollars.

This trip length to get to Niagara Falls is 9h 18m.

This train company operates and offers a roundtrip train tickets with Train Service service.

Take a look at 185 train service reviews from real customers.

Amtrak reviews and rates are 3.5 of 5 stars.

Amtrak customer service

If you have any urgent matter, call Amtrak phone number on +1 215-856-7924.

For general inquiries, about train fares, departures or arrivals, contact by email at

First and last train departures for September 23, 2018

Note that for this train route there is a total of 3 train schedules for this day.

The first train time to Niagara Falls is at 6:40 AM.

The last departure time is at 1:15 PM.

For next day, there are 3 train departures.

Other available train prices and services from New York to Niagara Falls

The ticket cost can range from USD 66.00 to USD 94.00 each seat.

You find the cheapest ticket on Amtrak for USD 66.00.

This train leaves at 6:40 AM from New York, NY - Grand Central Terminal (NYG).

But, the train leaving at 1:15 PM have the most expensive ticket to Niagara Falls for about USD 94.00.

Other available train stations, departures, and arrival points

Sometimes there are other locations options for departures and arrivals.

If there is any available for this train route, it follows right under.

Available Departures:

  • New York, NY - Grand Central Terminal (NYG)

Available Arrivals:

  • Niagara Falls, NY (NFL)

Which is the fastest train?

The train trip duration from New York to Niagara Falls is around 9h 6m.

For this journey, Amtrak says it has the fastest transportation leaving from New York.

If selecting the train time leaving at 10:15 AM, you may arrive in 9h 1m in Niagara Falls.

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Reserve your train seat to Niagara Falls in advance and have a nice trip.