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3 train schedules found from New York to Chicago on Saturday, September 22. Price starting at USD 109.00 traveling on Amtrak

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Most recent train companies reviews for your trip from New York to Chicago

Amtrak review from Martha Brown
Pleasant. I enjoyed my trip
Amtrak review from DANIEL Hadley
I am trying to buy a round trip train ticket from Kalamazoo to Battle Creek Battle Creek to Kalamazoo and I can't seem to order it on this horrible website can you please help me I need it tomorrow the 21st of September returning tomorrow for hours
Amtrak review from Jeanette Carlat
10-3 Birmingham So to Kana s City Mo
Amtrak review from Larry Taylor
The experience was above average well taken now it's time to return need ticket back to Elyria
Amtrak review from Emily Valenzuela
Good. Staff was very nice
Amtrak review from Emily Valenzuela
Glad it was clean
Amtrak review from Emily Valenzuela
Very nice it went smoothly
Amtrak review from Mary Ann Liegey
Service here is non-existent. Even your listed phone number is “not in service”. I am furious with my efforts to get my ticket to Fredericksburg and so sorry that I paid attention to the request “if you are not traveling in thenext24 hours please hang up and call tomorrow. Because of the storm we are having high volumes of callers due to emergency situations”. Or words to that effect. So I hung up, to be helpful, and was told a few minutes ago that my ticket had gone up $100.00. Will I hear from anyone? I doubt it.
Amtrak review from TIN MYO LWIN
Long journey
Amtrak review from Mildred Smith
Didn’t take a trip, the prices to high

Train tickets from New York to Chicago, IL trip overview

How to get cheap Amtrak train tickets from New York to Chicago?

Amtrak offer a total of 3 train schedules to Chicago.

Compare all available fares that vary according to comfort, ticket promotions, and availability.

Take time and check customers 12 Amtrak reviews for train services.

Users reviews always best describe the real train trip experience.

The company score relates to quality, punctuality, cleanliness, and staff behavior.

Ratings and reviews are relevant information when searching and comparing ticket prices for this destination.

Keep in mind that in all train departure times from New York have different ticket prices based on fare options.

What is shown on the list is the cheapest fare type still available if Saver, Value, Flexible or Premium.

On this trip, tickets are available starting on USD 109.00 and this is the lower trip price you can get on Saturday, September 22 2018.

Book your train tickets 14 days in advance with Saver Fares for 20% discount.

On searching for Chicago cheap tickets it may apply.

In many routes across the country this is the best method to get trip discounts.

How much cost tickets to Chicago?

Amtrak tickets to Chicago costs between USD 109.00 and USD 137.00 each seat.

This USD 109.00 train leaves at 10:52 from New York train station at New York, NY - Penn Station (NYP).

On the contrary, the train leaving at 11:05 have the most expensive ticket to Chicago for about USD 137.00.

During holidays and peak seasons fares are generally higher.

How easy is to get by train to Chicago from New York?

On average you find 3 daily Amtrak New York to Chicago schedules.

Usually, there are 21 train departures every week on this route.

Amtrak operates a large fleet to Chicago.

It is an average of 3 departures per day and 90 trips every month.

Where are located New York and Chicago train stations?

For this trip to Chicago, you can get on board at New York, NY - Penn Station (NYP).

Moreover, get off the train at Chicago, IL - Union Station (CHI).

Most Amtrak stations in major cities, and many other stations across the country, are accessible to passengers with a disability.

Call 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245) to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information regarding the accessibility of the stations on your itinerary.

When is the first and last train departing from New York on Saturday, September 22 2018?

The first train time to Chicago is at 10:52.

The last departure time from New York is at 15:40.

How far apart is Chicago from New York?

The train traveling average length from New York to Chicago is around 21h 34m.

Getting Amtrak fastest train from New York, you probably arrive in about 19h 10m in Chicago.

Amtrak does not normally guarantee connections of less than 60 minutes.

Usually 90 minutes between arriving long-distance trains and local trains in the Northeast Corridor.

Which is the best way for train booking?

There are many different secure forms of acquiring a ticket.

The more comfortable, secure and faster way is to get your eTicket online at Amtrak website.

Alternatively, you can book at a Quik-Trak Kiosk or directly at the counter.

  • Amtrak phone number: +1 215-856-7924

Find out more on search and buy cheap train tickets in North America.

How to get ticket refund on Amtrak?

Note that Amtrak have different policies regarding fare types and changes.

Find more information on Amtrak page.

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Reserve your train seat to Chicago in advance and have a nice trip.