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Train trip overview

Amtrak train ticket details from Philadelphia to Atlantic City departing on October 14, 2019

The following information is for Amtrak train schedule selection on October 14, 2019.

It leaves from Philadelphia, PA - 30th Street Station (PHL) at 11:23 AM.

The departure address is Philadelphia, PA - 30th Street Station (PHL).

At 1:03 PM the train arrives on Atlantic City, NJ (ACY).

The arrival address is Philadelphia, PA - 30th Street Station (PHL).

The train ticket price for this one is 10.75 US Dollars.

This trip length to get to Atlantic City is 1h 40m.

This train company operates and offers a roundtrip train tickets with Train Service service.

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Amtrak reviews and rates are 3.5 of 5 stars.

Amtrak customer service

If you have any urgent matter, call Amtrak phone number on +1 215-856-7924.

For general inquiries, about train fares, departures or arrivals, contact by email at

First and last train departures for October 14, 2019

Note that for this train route there is a total of 12 train schedules for this day.

The first train time to Atlantic City is at 12:50 AM.

The last departure time is at 10:50 PM.

For next day, there are 12 train departures.

Other available train prices and services from Philadelphia to Atlantic City

The ticket cost can range from USD 10.75 to USD 10.75 each seat.

You find the cheapest ticket on Amtrak for USD 10.75.

This train leaves at 12:50 AM from Philadelphia, PA - 30th Street Station (PHL).

But, the train leaving at 12:50 AM have the most expensive ticket to Atlantic City for about USD 10.75.

Other available train stations, departures, and arrival points

Sometimes there are other locations options for departures and arrivals.

If there is any available for this train route, it follows right under.

Available Departures:

  • Philadelphia, PA - 30th Street Station (PHL)

Available Arrivals:

  • Atlantic City, NJ (ACY)

Which is the fastest train?

The train trip duration from Philadelphia to Atlantic City is around 1h 36m.

For this journey, Amtrak says it has the fastest transportation leaving from Philadelphia.

If selecting the train time leaving at 3:19 PM, you may arrive in 1h 33m in Atlantic City.

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