Train Schedule Stamford to Boston

Leaves at 1:18 PM in 7/15/2019 with Amtrak

3h 29m
Train Service
1:18 PM
Stamford, CT (STM)
4:47 PM
Boston, MA - South Station (BOS)
Fare Type

Amtrak reviews and rating


3.5 stars from 889 reviews

Train Punctuality
Train Driver
Train Cleanliness
Train Comfort
Staff Behaviour
thumb_upanonymous passenger
"Gud exp"
thumb_upanonymous passenger
"Great experience at all! I love riding Amtrak."
thumb_upanonymous passenger
"I rode this train during 1968 round trip to chicago ,ill.from los angeles ca"
thumb_downanonymous passenger
"Train never arrive on time"
thumb_upanonymous passenger
"Great experience at all! I love riding Amtrak."
"Need more schedule information"
thumb_upanonymous passenger
"we liked it.!"
thumb_downrobert taylor
"I'm on the 19 going from Philadelphia PA to Clemson S.C and I know it's on the cold side with the weather but the heat if turned up way too high. The temperature is close to 100° in the section of the train I'm in. Between 70° or 75° is around the optimal temperature for comfort all year round. I try to stand next to the door every now and then to try to cool off cause if I get to hot I start vomiting. However, when I do this there is a rude Amtrak worker that threatens to throw me off the train even though I only do this when it doesn't cause me to be in the way of the train operating properly. And I've been told that I do not have this condition and that even if I do then I just have to deal with it. Other than this I haven't had a problem with Amtrak in any of my other travels using them. And I travel back and forth between Pa and SC every few months."
thumb_upanonymous passenger
"Me senti seguro y el personal es muy amable"
thumb_downjamie butler
"price is too high Web sight does not give round trip options"

Amtrak contact

  • +1 215-856-7924
  • 60 Massachusetts Ave NE Washington, DC 20002-4285

Travelling by train from Stamford to Boston

Amtrak train ticket details from Stamford to Boston departing on July 15, 2019

The following information is for Amtrak train schedule selection on July 15, 2019.

It leaves from Stamford, CT (STM) at 1:18 PM.

The departure address is Stamford, CT (STM).

At 4:47 PM the train arrives on Boston, MA - South Station (BOS).

The arrival address is Stamford, CT (STM).

The train ticket price for this one is 70 US Dollars.

This trip length to get to Boston is 3h 29m.

This train company operates and offers a roundtrip train tickets with Train Service service.

Take a look at 889 train service reviews from real customers.

Amtrak reviews and rates are 3.5 of 5 stars.

Amtrak customer service

If you have any urgent matter, call Amtrak phone number on +1 215-856-7924.

For general inquiries, about train fares, departures or arrivals, contact by email at

First and last train departures for July 15, 2019

Note that for this train route there is a total of 18 train schedules for this day.

The first train time to Boston is at 3:25 AM.

The last departure time is at 8:45 PM.

For next day, there are 18 train departures.

Other available train prices and services from Stamford to Boston

The ticket cost can range from USD 70.00 to USD 139.00 each seat.

You find the cheapest ticket on Amtrak for USD 70.00.

This train leaves at 7:47 AM from Stamford, CT (STM).

But, the train leaving at 10:48 AM have the most expensive ticket to Boston for about USD 139.00.

Other available train stations, departures, and arrival points

Sometimes there are other locations options for departures and arrivals.

If there is any available for this train route, it follows right under.

Available Departures:

  • Stamford, CT (STM)

Available Arrivals:

  • Boston, MA - South Station (BOS)

Which is the fastest train?

The train trip duration from Stamford to Boston is around 3h 31m.

For this journey, Amtrak says it has the fastest transportation leaving from Stamford.

If selecting the train time leaving at 8:47 AM, you may arrive in 3h 7m in Boston.

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Check if it is available flight tickets from Stamford to Boston.

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