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The auto train is a route operated by Amtrak that makes travel between Florida and Virginia.

Amtrak Auto Train serves cities as Lorton (near to Washington, DC) and Sanford.

Besides passengers, Auto Train transports your vehicle as well.

Like SUV, van, motorcycle, jet-ski, and a small boat.


To booking your Autotrain tickets on TrainBuster, you should choose a route and which schedule and fare ticket are better for you.

After you decide for one travel, click in Buy Ticket.

Then you can see all details about your Auto Train journey.

To buy your Amtrak ticket, just click on "Buy Tickets," and you will be sending to Amtrak's websites.


The main Autotrain routes are Lorton to Sanford and Sanford to Lorton.

Plus these cities, Auto Train has routes that are connecting others places.

Like Orlando, Washington, DC, New York, Richmond, and others.

Auto Train Sanford to Lorton

Every day there is one Auto train schedule available to Lorton.

This travel takes around 17 hours.

The auto train price for this route is from $172.

Find your Train Ticket from Sanford to Lorton
Auto Train Lorton to Sanford

There is one daily Auto train schedule available to Sanford.

This trip takes about 17 hours.

The auto train price for this journey is from $172.

Find your Train Ticket from Lorton to Sanford


There are four types of Auto Train fares.

Each one has different prices and some advantages.

  • Saver
  • Value
  • Flexible
  • Premium
Check more details about all type of train ticket.


Before your trip, you should choose which kind of accommodations is better for your needs.

You may prefer the traditional roomy coach seat, or Bedroom, or Roomette.

The last options have more space and privacy.

Auto Train Roomettes

Roomettes accommodation is an excellent choice for one or two people. It has a restroom and shower facilities near to you.

Auto Train Bedrooms

In this option, you can find comfortable seats that convert in sleeping berths. Plus restroom and shower amenities near to you.


Traveling on an Amtrak Auto Train, you can find some items to improve your experience.

Amtrak offers to your passenger's Wi-Fi and meals during all trip.

No matter which class you are traveling, meals are included.


Before buying your Amtrak Auto Train ticket, check the other travelers' opinion.

You can find more details about Amtrak punctuality, cleanliness and staff behavior.


Amtrak offers some discounts to your passengers.

Especially in Auto Train routes, AAA members can save 10% OFF.

Students and NARP members also can get some deals.

If you are looking for Auto Train promo code, you should go to Trainbuster's Facebook Page.


Two train stations are serving this route.

They are Lorton Train Station and Sanford Train Station.

Both has only Auto Train routes.

Lorton Train Station
Address: 8006 Lorton Road
Lorton, VA 22079

Amtrak Auto train Phone Number: +1 800-872-7245

Lorton Station is nearly 25 miles south of Washington, DC.

The terminal works every day from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Features on Lorton Auto Train Station
  • Enclosed Waiting Area
  • Restrooms accessible
  • ATM
  • Ticket Office accessible
  • No Lounge
  • No Elevator
  • No Quik-Trak kiosk
  • Payphone
  • Wi-Fi®
More details about Lorton Train Station Sanford Train Station
Address: 600 South Persimmon Avenue
Sanford, FL 32771

Amtrak Auto train Phone Number: +1 800-872-7245

The station operates every day from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Features on Sanford Auto Train Stations
  • Enclosed Waiting Area
  • Ticket Office accessible
  • Restrooms accessible
  • ATM
  • No Lounge
  • No Elevator
  • No Quik-Trak kiosk
  • Payphone
  • Wi-Fi®
More details about Sanford Train Station

Main train stations served by Auto Train